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Hi, I’m Ashley! A wife, mother of 5 humans and 2 canines, entrepreneur in the fitness world, and a full time employee! I recently added a bodybuilder to that already doing too much list of things!! I am committed to helping women (and a few men) find their way through the journey of health and happiness.

  • Twist, Turns, and TACOS??
    Join us at the Lion’s Pride Wellness Center for an exciting in-person event! Get ready to experience the exhilarating world of Trapeze Yoga. This introductory session is perfect for beginners who want to learn the basics of this unique and fun practice. Register Here! Use discount code ‘puretrap” for 10% off TODAY ONLY! Swing, twist, and turn your way to a stronger body and a calmer mind. Our expert instructor will guide you through a series of poses and movements, helping you build strength, flexibility, and balance. And don’t forget, we’ll also have delicious tacos to enjoy after the session. So come on over and discover the joy of Trapeze Yoga with us! This event will be intimate so that the instructor can properly manage those who are new to Trapeze Yoga so make sure you register quickly! Only 6 spots available. Secure your spot today! Register Here! Our tacos will be catered by a Cincinnati Based business Shango’s Urban Taquiera! Where they combine your usual traditional taco with a twist of added cultural roots from Afro Brazilians to Jamaica in several taco options! You don’t want to miss this one! Secure your spot today! Register Here! Use discount code ‘puretrap” for 10% off TODAY ONLY! See you soon!! 💖💖
  • How Can I Lose Fat in My Stomach ONLY?
    🗣YOU CAN NOT SPOT REDUCE FAT! This means that you can’t specifically target an area to lose fat in. The body will lose fat in any area it chooses to and genetics plays a role in that. You can however, target ares of the body to be more toned and shapely by building muscle in that specific area. For example, many women come to me saying they want a bigger butt. Well… genetics plays a role in that as well but we can grow the glutes by building the muscles and targeting that area frequently. Others come to me saying they want to lose their boobs. Another genetic thing, but we can target that area by working the chest muscles giving the boobs a lift by toning and strengthening that area. ALSO!!! The more muscle your body has, the more effective your body becomes at burning body fat which will eventually come off in those areas you want. So technically….strength training is a win win. What I suggest to all my clients is a holistic approach to this wellness journey. The following will help! 1. Moving more with cardiovascular activity and strength training will help you to burn fat and tone muscle simultaneously. 2. Get your mindset right and believe you are more than capable to make the changes you want. 3. Make sure your nutrition is 80-90% on point. It is ok to enjoy some of your favorites, but it shouldn’t be majority of your nutrition. 4. Do this consistently for 6 months and report back to me! I’d love to hear your successes. Remember, we can not compare our chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10. Take your time, have grace on yourself, decide that this is important to you and do the work! With love 💖 ~Coach Ash #sharingiscaring #mondaymotivation #coaching #Bodyfat #bodypositive #keepgoing #bigbutt #boobs #knowledgeispower Pure and Simple Fitness
  • Stop Getting on the Scale! Do This Instead.
    When we embark on a new weight loss journey, the first thing we typically rely on is the scale. Since birth, our weight has been the measurement of choice to determine our health. But as we all know, the scale can also be the most daunting experience of our doctor visits! I’m here to give you some reasons you should stop weighing yourself so often, and provide you with other healthier alternatives to measure your health and success with your wellness journey. Stop weighing yourself daily if the following is happening:  Listen, you are not alone! I have dealt with many of the above concerns and still have to check myself from time to time. This morning being one of those times! The scale is just one form of measurement. It is not the only form of measurement to see your success. What you cannot see on the scale is what all comprises and creates that number on the scale at that given moment. The scale can NOT tell you the following: Do not let the scale be your downfall! I suggest, if weighing yourself often creates negative impact on you and your journey then you do it less often. I definitely think it’s important to track your progress. That way you know if what you’re doing is working. But if tracking your progress with the scale every day is only hindering, your progress, then you need to make some changes. Maybe instead you can weigh yourself weekly, or bi-weekly. This gives you enough time to continue on your journey but also track your progress. It allows you to continue taking the steps that you need to create success, like moving more, eating more nutritious foods, and getting your headspace together so you can continue to remain consistent.  If you are someone who needs to weigh yourself more often then do it twice a week but as soon as  you notice it is affecting your mental state again then you need to reassess, reevaluate, and make a change so that you can continue on this journey, the most healthy way possible. I encourage you to use other forms of measurement in conjunction with weighing yourself. Another form of measurement is tape measure. You can always use a tape measure weekly or every two weeks to see your progress. This allows you ability to see the physical changes that are being made. These subtle changes are easy to miss when we look at ourselves every day. When you start noticing that those inches are coming off, even when the scale is not changing, it can be a huge game changer! Now you have a physical indicator of your progress and of your hard work. Another form of measurement is tracking your mood. Take note of these changes. A more positive attitude is definitely a form of measurement for success. Start journaling your journey that way you can use that to determine if you should continue on this path. If you notice that in most cases that you feel like a completely new person when you stay consistent with the things that you told yourself that you would do, then journal that success and track that progress. It will instill some confidence and trust in yourself. Thus leading to lasting change.  Another form of measurement is how your clothes fit. Take note of this changes! It shows that what you’re doing is working. Keep going, SIs! Don’t get caught up on that scale. That thing will fluctuate every single day that you look at it making you feel hopeless and like all your work is for nothing. I encourage you to keep moving, keep showing up, and keep doing the things that you promised yourself that you would… And watch what will happen! What are some things that you do to measure your success around health and wellness? Have you felt any of those feelings above when you’re weighing yourself? How do you handle it? What are one of the tips that you will begin to implement to measure your success? As always thank you for taking time to read this and coming to my corner of the Internet. To much success and wellness. ✨ ~Coach Ash 💖
  • Happy New Year 2024 🎉 | This Is Our Year!
    It’s that time of year again! It’s that time of the year when we set plans to stop all our “bad” habits and replace them with ones we think are better. We set lofty goals to conquer and hope and pray that we will succeed. We fight those urges to NOT resort to our old ways and find that the urges get harder and harder! About two weeks in we are back to our old ways and feeling guilty! DON’T! This year will be different. Our approach will be different. This year we are going to be intentional AND consistent. Even when we think we messed up, we will get right back on track. A couple “off” days doesn’t mean you give up all together. I believe that is what holds a lot of us back. We believe that because we had a meal that wasn’t on our plan that we have to throw all our plans to the side. NO! Have your “off” meal and make the next one a better choice. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. In fact, a more sustainable approach would be small subtle adjustments. This allows your to sell enjoy some of the things you like, while gradually transitioning to the foods or activities that move you closer to the goals you have set out for yourself. 2024 will be different. We are not giving up on ourselves anymore! Remember, it’s not all or nothing. It’s gradual, sustainable and INTENTIONAL change. Much success and wellness! Coach Ash💖 Check out this video below to have a successful 2024!
  • 24 Day Wellness Challenge
    Join the FREE challenge on YouTube!! SUBSCRIBE HERE! We will begin on January 8th. Each Mindful Movement video will be uploaded by 5am each morning of the challenge for you to follow along at your leisure. Make sure you purchase the Intentional Wellness e-book so you can learn the best tips to making wellness a part of your routine and use the journal prompts AND daily tracker to stay on track. 💖 Purchase E-Book Let’s make 2024 a great year… INTENTIONALLY!!
  • Goat Yoga | Yup, It’s a Thing!
    There’s yoga… then there is Goat Yoga. 🐐🧘🏾‍♀️ You are probably saying the same thing I did when I first heard of Goat Yoga. Curious? Intrigued? Disturbed? Confused? Lol, yes. All those feelings came to mind when I first heard of Goat Yoga. I honestly didn’t understand it and felt like people just be doing the most. 🤣 But in true Ashley form, because I was intrigued I decided to do some research on it. Goat Yoga has been around for 8 years. This phenomenon originated in 2015 on a farm in Arizona. The founder of Goat Yoga is Lainey Morse. She was seemingly having a difficult time in life when this yoga sensation took off. I feel like that is how most things happen, right? Goat Yoga provides a way to connect with you mind, body, breath, and well… goats! The baby goats will surround you during your yoga practice, forcing you to be present in the moment. It allows you to connect with animals who are playful and like to get involved with your yoga poses. Don’t be surprised if they hop on your back! The goats being in your presence took some getting use to, especially if you are not an animal person. But once you got use to the fact that the goats really enjoyed their space and yours it made it easier to carry on about your yoga practice. There were tons of giggles! Which I felt was the best part of Goat Yoga. We were all grown women out in nature laughing and connecting with movement, breath and cute little goats! So glad I was able to serve as the yoga instructor for this private yoga event! I gotta be honest, when the host first reached out to me and informed me of her plan for a goat yoga event I initially froze up and was afraid! 😳 Goats?? I don’t know. 🥴🥴🥴 But as I stated before, I had already done some research on it so it wasn’t completely a foreign concept to me. I loved the idea that the benefits of goat yoga was to bring joy and happiness. And I’m all for that! Then I thought about it some more and said you know what?? Let’s do it!🐐💪🏾Which led to the intention/affirmation I set for our Goat Yoga session. “Do it Afraid!” Thank you Taneka Ford for allowing me to instruct such an amazing group of ladies. 🥰🥰 Do you have a private yoga event and need an instructor? Email me here. Let’s chat! Enjoy some of the moments we had with the cute goats with the photo gallery. You can also check out a portion of our segment on YouTube and you’ll get to actually hear the cute little goats.🥰 Plus they get real close and personal with the camera a few times. 🤭🤭🤭