March Madness with Pure and Simple Fitness

This month has been full of adventure for Pure and Simple Fitness.

From Chair Yoga with seniors to mindful movement with Cincinnati Public Schools, to twisting and back bends with tacos. We had a pretty full schedule and I can’t wait to share some of the fun we had with you.

Chair Yoga at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Pure and Simple Fitness had the pleasure of meeting some pretty amazing ladies at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church and instructing a chair yoga class.

We discussed the importance of stretching and moving our bodies so that we can remain mobile and independent. Stretching allows us to continue to do things like reach overhead to get items out of a cabinet and bend over and tie our shoes. Look at these lovely ladies below!

Yoga with the students and staff at The Promise Center-An Alternative School of Cincinnati Public School District

I was able to host yoga with all the girls from 4th-12th grade at The Promise Center, a Cincinnati Public alternative school, with my continued efforts with the Youth Wellness Initiative. And after that I was able to host a yoga class with the STAFF of those same students during their staff meeting for team building and stress relief. 🙌🏾

Some of our youth are holding on to a ton of stress, worry, anger, and doubt. Some more than adults because of whatever they may be going through at home, on social media, with their peers, etc. And the teachers and staff are catching the brunt of that. I’m grateful to be able to provide a space and time to escape those things, even if it’s for a short period.

Students engaging in some stress relieving yoga.

Twists, Turns, and Tacos!

We had an amazing time discussing Trapeze Yoga and the benefits that it offers. Many times we can perform stretches that are typically harder because we have the support of the hammock. Majority of our ladies were newbies and they were able to get into an inversion on their first lesson.

And after all the fun and flips, we enjoyed delicious tacos catered by Shango’s Urban Taqueria. This is a local black owned business that creates tacos with a cultural twist. If you haven’t tried them yet, do yourself a favor and run there!

Summer Shred and No Nonsense Bootcamp

Summer Shred and the No Nonsense Bootcamp started in March and boy are we having a ball!! This is our online and in person 6 week program, respectively.

The goal: summer body ready! 🙌🏾

This is our first round and it has been amazing thus far. With the 5:30am virtual crew waking up early and getting our workouts in and out the way with a mix of body weight workouts, weight training, and cardio based exercises. The ladies have been feeling it and they make sure to let me know. 🤭

Our in person bootcamp class has been a beautiful collaboration of women cheering each other on and working hard! The camaraderie that has been created amongst these ladies is truly admirable and creates a community that leads to confidence and consistency. Although they make faces at me because they borderline hate the workouts and the pain associated with it 🤣🤣🤣 they love the results that will definitely show by summer.

So What’s Next??

March has been such an amazing month and none of this would be possible without your continued support and referrals!

We will have the 2nd round of the Summer Shred (virtual morning crew) and No Nonsense Bootcamp (in-person evening crew) starting April 17. They both come with the Pure and Simple Detox Ebook and you can participate in the Tuesday yoga classes at no additional cost to you!

Summer is around the corner!! Which one are you joining?

6 Week Summer Shred (am/virtual)

No Nonsense Bootcamp Class (pm/in person)

I will also be setting up a table at the Bootcamp Cincinnati Popup with my mentor and old trainer Denise Bryers. I hope that you come by and see me! I will be having some amazing giveaways, so come by the table to say hi and enter the raffle! 🎉

And lastly, registration is open for the 4th Annual Pure and Simple Fitness Walk-A-Thon and it’s absolutely free! Join us as we raise awareness around childhood obesity and fight against it together!

Sign Up Here for FREE 🎉

Can’t make it to the event?? You can still help our youth by making a donation to the Youth Wellness Initiative!

Make a Difference Here! 🎉

I appreciate you all for rocking with us and can’t wait to see what April has to offer!!

With love,

Coach Ash