How Can I Lose Fat in My Stomach ONLY?


This means that you can’t specifically target an area to lose fat in. The body will lose fat in any area it chooses to and genetics plays a role in that.

You can however, target ares of the body to be more toned and shapely by building muscle in that specific area.

For example, many women come to me saying they want a bigger butt. Well… genetics plays a role in that as well but we can grow the glutes by building the muscles and targeting that area frequently.

Others come to me saying they want to lose their boobs. Another genetic thing, but we can target that area by working the chest muscles giving the boobs a lift by toning and strengthening that area.

ALSO!!! The more muscle your body has, the more effective your body becomes at burning body fat which will eventually come off in those areas you want. So technically….strength training is a win win.

What I suggest to all my clients is a holistic approach to this wellness journey. The following will help!

1. Moving more with cardiovascular activity and strength training will help you to burn fat and tone muscle simultaneously.

2. Get your mindset right and believe you are more than capable to make the changes you want.

3. Make sure your nutrition is 80-90% on point. It is ok to enjoy some of your favorites, but it shouldn’t be majority of your nutrition.

4. Do this consistently for 6 months and report back to me! I’d love to hear your successes.

Remember, we can not compare our chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 10. Take your time, have grace on yourself, decide that this is important to you and do the work!

With love 💖

~Coach Ash

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