23 Wellness Day Challenge Kick-Off Recap!

Good morning ladies!

To recap our kick off call…I do truly appreciate you for joining this wellness challenge. My hope is that we can all find reasons for gratitude each and every day, and that we can create habits that are sustainable and healthy for a better quality of life 💖

As a reminder our challenge of the week is: choice. And what that means is to give yourself autonomy to make the choices that are right for what you want out of this challenge. You have the choice to do right and you have the choice to do wrong. You have the choice to give into temptation and you have the choice to say no to it. You have the choice to do a work out or you have a choice to skip it. You have a choice to read that scripture and you have a choice not to. Basically you have a choice in the outcome of your situation. We can’t blame anyone other than ourselves for the choices we make. Chose wisely😉

Much success and wellness this week.

(I believe in you!)