Make it Easy

The challenge for this week is: Make it Easy.

What exactly for this mean? It means to make life easy for ourselves. Put processes in place to make life easy for ourselves. To help alleviate issues and challenges that are in our control.

If I struggle with getting out the bed when the alarm goes off I need to do something different that will make it easy for me. I actually struggled with this. So I decided to keep my alarm further from the bed where I HAVE to get out the bed to turn the alarm off. If I get back in the bed, that is a choice I made that WON’T make life easy for me for the day.

If I know I like to get my hair done every 3 weeks but every time I go to schedule my hair stylist is booked, maybe I book in advance so I can get pampered on the timeframe I prefer.

If I need to leave for work on time and I find that I’m always 10 minutes late I need to evaluate what cause that tardiness. Do I need to have my clothes out for the day? Do I need to have my car warmed up by a certain time? Do I need to wake up earlier? Whatever the case is, I need to make it easier on myself and get it done!

What about meals? If I struggle to eat healthy because I run out of time and pick up the most convenient thing, which also happens to be the least healthiest, what do I need to do to make this easy for myself? Prepare my meals ahead of time so they are ready to grab and go.

Let’s make it easy for ourselves this week. To much success and wellness!

With Love 💕

Coach Ash