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Why You Should Have An Accountability Partner| How To Ensure Success

I read an article awhile back that got me to thinking. It talked about the different people we all need in our lives to help us along the way. After reading it, I did a quick scan of the people in my life to see if I was equipped with the right folks to call on based on what issues may arise.

The one person that this article mentioned that stood out to me was an Accountability Partner. Someone to be honest with you about your progress or lack thereof, in whatever area of your life you specify for that individual(s). Someone who will be honest with you rather it hurts or not.

So… what is an Accountability Partner? This is someone who holds you responsible to carry out a commitment that you have made. Usually this person has had experience in that area. May know some obstacles that will arise along the way. I tell AP I have a goal I want to accomplish . AP helps to make sure I meet that goal. Sounds simple, right?

Now, their role as your Accountability Partner is not to be used as a way to tear you down or be rude. Their role is not to throw jabs or get out what they’ve been holding on to for years. Their role is to check-in on your progress. See what hang-ups you may be running into. Point out obstacles and different ways around them. As well as help keep you on track to meet your goal.

But why would anyone need an Accountability Partner? For me personally, when I don’t share with others my goals I don’t always find urgency to complete them. It’s not because I’m not motivated to complete that goal. It’s just less accountability if no one else knows I’m trying to reach a milestone. I will get to it when I get to it.

Luckily, I’ve grown to not like the feeling of letting myself down. But that doesn’t always mean I’m fired up to tackle it. Sometimes I doubt myself. Sometimes I talk myself out of an opportunity. Sometimes I find excuses to not do the very thing I set out to do.

When I share a goal or a milestone I am trying to reach with someone else, that adds another person I don’t want to let down. It adds one more person to help keep me motivated to avoid that obstacle that held me back last week. It adds one more cheerleader to keep me going. It’s one more person to celebrate with me when the goal is crushed!

I have APs for many aspects in life and would recommend that for you all as well! This is not in order of importance, nor the only aspects. But I have APs in the following areas:

  • 1. Work
  • 2. Fitness
  • 3. Spirituality
  • 4. Mental Health

Not having an AP in other areas doesn’t mean those aspects of life aren’t important to me. It means I haven’t found a need for an AP in those areas yet. Which could change at any given time.

When I am confronted with something and need to get perspective or accountability, I have specific people to call to provide the accountability I need. It helps me to take a look at myself differently and reevaluate things. Try a new approach or carry on the way I had been. I would highly suggest finding an AP for all areas that you feel you may struggle in or even areas you just need to bounce ideas off of. Someone who will be honest with you without being cruel or too lax.

And if you are ever tasked with that role in someone else’s life, take it as a compliment. That person sees you as someone who is capable of seeing them through a journey they don’t see walking alone. That person finds you competent in that area and believes that you will see them to that finish line. They believe that you can be trusted to provide honest and unbias feedback.

For all my Accountability Partners, THANK YOU! And to all those who have allowed me to hold them accountable, THANK YOU! I don’t take that role for granted.

Get you at least one!!!

“Most goals people set are not achieved because they are not held accountable for them. When goals are made in private they tend to fall off because people stop being motivated, stop focusing and stop prioritizing”. -Bola Onada Sokunbi, Goal Setting To Live Your Dreams