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Challenge is over. So… Now What?

The challenge is over and you don’t know what to do until the next one. You are worried that you may go back to your old eatings habits and possibly begin working out less. There is no one to hold you accountable now. No consequence for gaining weight this week or the next week.

This is a great time to start holding yourself accountable. Becoming your own cheerleader. I know firsthand that this doesn’t come easily! You have kids eating the foods you want. Or your spouse telling you that one bad meal won’t hurt you. Family and friends telling you that just this night won’t count. It’s lie! It does count. ??

What ends up happening is you give yourself permission to eat one bad meal. Then another. And since you’ve had those, why not some more. You give yourself permission to skip that workout and the next on. Next thing you know you are eating how you use to and working out is a thing of the past. It’s so easy to do!

You have to be intentional every day so that you don’t rebound during this break. Here are some tips that will help.

Tip # 1: Look at your entire week.

What do you have scheduled this week? What do the kids have to do? Where does your spouse need to be? Look for gaps in your day that allow you to meal prep. Look for gaps of time to go for that walk. Find time in the week for workouts at least 3 days a week. What day will be best for your workouts? They don’t have to be long workouts. They can be 20 min HIIT sessions. You just have to get them on the schedule.

Tip #2: Plan your meals.

Preferably meal prep for a few days of the week. What some of the foods you discovered you liked during the challenge? Make meals out of those for the week. Was there something we discussed during the challenge that you want to try? Quinoa, maybe? ? Try it! Make meals fun and enjoyable and pretty, lol. You don’t have to dread eating healthy!

Tip # 3: Schedule your workouts.

Just like you schedule hair appointments, nail appointments, doctor appointments, you will need to start scheduling your workouts. Its self-care just like those other appointments. Write down what area you want to focus on and what day you prefer to focus on them. Example: Monday can be Leg day. Wednesday can be Back and Arms. Thursday can be Shoulders and Chest. Don’t know what exercises you want to do? Text me. I have plenty of HIIT exercises that I do periodically and can send to you within minutes!

Tip# 4: Stick to the schedule!!!

So now we know what days are available for our walk. We know what days we want to work out. We have our meals planned out and grocery list prepared. I sent you some workouts at your request or you decide you will check out some of the recorded workouts that are posted. Now we just need to stick to the plan! You went through all this work, carry it out. See it through the end! Make yourself proud.

Tip # 5: Repeat!

Repeat steps 1-4 every week! Make it a habit.

You have to be intentional about this new healthy lifestyle. Just like you get up to go to work (or roll out of your bed since some are working from home now) you have to do the same for yourself and your health. No one is going to do it for you!

And I know some of us will slack off. It’s human nature to slack off if no one is holding us accountable. But think about the work you put in. The weight you have lost. The new habits you have obtained and try your best to stick to it. Don’t do it for anyone else but yourself. Get in the habit of making yourself proud!

Until the next challenge…. hang in there and make yourself proud every day! If you mess up, know that you don’t have to completely give up. Make the next meal a better choice. Make that next workout really count. That walk you take, make it just a tad bit longer. Do it for you!

You got this!!


  • Doreatha Bullard

    This was very beautifully written and with so much love and passion for what you enjoy doing . Proud of you ! Keep up the good work . I knew this was what you were suppose to do !