Encouragement,  Positivity

Limitations are Optional

I decided to stop limiting myself. I don’t know when we were told that when you agree with one concept from a specific ”thing” that we have to embody the entire culture of said thing and not partake in anything else.

I am not limited to one belief. One way of living. I don’t have to choose!

-I love lifting weights, and I love yoga poses.

-I love being an entrepreneur and I love working my corporate job.

-I love being a mother and wife and I love being a sexy woman.

-I love to run and I love to walk.

-I love the Lord and I love the Law of Attraction.

-I love to be in silence and I love to be in crowds.

-I love bold bright colors and I love black and white.

-I love to read and write and I love to have a drink and dance.

The point I’m making is that I get to be in all the worlds and communities I want to be in. I don’t have to subscribe to one way of living. I love all these things (and plenty more not listed) and I get to enjoy them all too!

I don’t have to subscribe to one way or the other. I love all these things because they bring happiness into my life. I choose them all.

Limitations are optional. I choose happy!

What ways are you limiting yourself? How do you plan to change that?

Be great!💖

Ok Bye ✌🏾