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Top 3 Most Common Myths about Yoga

When I tell people that I am a yoga instructor I hear a lot of hesitation follow behind that.

People are really intrigued by it. People have some awareness around it. People want to try it. But there’s almost always a follow up behind it where they instantly find reasons (limiting beliefs) they try to provide to convince me why they “can’t” participate in yoga.

So I am here to dispel some of the myths that I hear. And I am here to tell you why you are totally ready to do yoga RIGHT NOW!

Myth number one: “I am not flexible.”

That’s perfect! You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. Yoga is simply a practice that allows you to start wherever you are. There is nowhere in any handbook that states that you need to be doing backbends, flips, twists or inversions. Yoga allows you to start exactly where you are. What’s in my yoga practice may not be in your yoga practice and that’s OK. The great thing about yoga is that as you continue with your yoga practice, you will become more flexible. But you don’t have to start off that way.

Myth number two: “I am too old.”

This one is probably my favorite to hear. Not because I want people to limit themselves, but because yoga has no age limit. We have to get away from not allowing ourselves to partake in things that we are perfectly capable of doing. There is no age limit for yoga.

There are so many modifications that can be provided to you if you are older and still want to get your stretch and flexibility in. There is a chair yoga, there are modifications, and yoga allows you to do what YOU are capable of. By the way, my most consistent yoga student is also my oldest yoga student. 😉

Myth number three: “I am too big.”

Stop this talk!! Stop limiting your abilities before you even try. And stop talking to AND about yourself in that manner! Yoga has no size limitation and no weight limitation. The only person adding limitations are the people who say this to me about themselves! You can do it. You have to believe that you can and then try! I provide modifications and you are free to do what YOUR body allows. That’s the beauty of yoga. It meets you right where you are. Mentally and physically. Once you try it, and practice, and become consistent… you will shock yourself!

Stop limiting yourself. Believe in yourself. Show up for yourself.

Coach Ash

With love, peace, and mindfulness

~Coach Ash

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