How to be Happy

I no longer base my happiness on the next gadget or next item or material things. That only leaves you happy for a little while then you need something else to fill that void when the new item no longer feels “new”.

My happiness is based on taking each moment in. Living in it. Feeling it. Doing things I enjoy daily. And feeding my body nutritious foods.

I legit do a little jig when my plate is filled with colorful foods of the earth! I pause and smile when I want to relish in a moment and be present with it. (Or cry if that’s what it calls for)

1. Do something everyday that makes you smile.

Journal. Prayer. Meet with friends or chat with family that bring a smile to your face.

2. Get moving.

Dance. Exercise. Walk. Move your body for at least 20 minutes a day to help with those natural happy endorphins. Once you get moving, you may even want to keep going!

3. Practice gratitude.

Think about the things we take for granted, and be grateful! This may take some time to get use to, but there is beauty in each day once we do this.

Happiness is only fleeting if you allow it to be. Happiness is daily, if you intend it to be.